Before getting into photography, I never knew anyone with more than 300 followers on Instagram. Now, some of my favorite clients have over 30,000! It is fascinating to me to get to know the person behind the Instagram windows and see who they really are.

Not only is Nardose drop dead gorgeous in front of the camera, she is as sweet as she can be when the camera is off. With style that is fresh and ready for the runway, just walking next to her drew attention from all over the place. I guess I always kind of expected models or insta-famous girls to be stuck up, but this girl is the exact opposite. Kind, funny, positive - this powerful lady is going to take over the world! Oh, and on top of modeling and finding all the latest styles, Nardose powers through day-to-day as a successful real estate broker.  POWER. HOUSE.

I love surrounding myself with positive people like Nardose - we spent most of the time laughing and freaking out at how awesome the photos were turning out! Plus, it was my first shoot at my new studio! Climbing on cars in 4-inch heels, stopping traffic, literally - these are some of my favorite photos ever!

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